Reasons Why Working Too Hard is Bad For Your Career


You would think that working hard guarantees advancement in your career. If you put in tons of effort, in the end, you will get noticed. Multitasking is good but don’t do it all yourself! The reality is quite different, though. There are reasons why employees are expected to work around 40 hours a week and get paid vacations, and posted below are the common reasons why working too hard could hurt your career in the long run.

Working Too Hard Can Affect Your Health

If you work too hard and spend too many hours at work, you won’t have the energy and time to care for yourself properly. You won’t find the time to exercise, eat foods that fuel your body, or get enough sleep. Cutting out the elements of a healthy lifestyle is a recipe for illness. Also, if you spend too much time at work, you will feel tired and stressed. Whether it happens sooner or later, you will get sick, and slogging it out until you collapse won’t impress anyone at work.

Working Too Hard Will Damage Your Creation

It would help if you had time off from work to re-frame and refocus. If your work schedule is so hectic that you have no time left at all for any of your hobbies, your imagination will dry up. Studies have found that an essential step in the process is “incubation,” a period during which thoughts are in the back of someone’s mind and set aside in a sort of stew. If you keep working on your projects without leaving time and space for incubation, you will not come up with any novel ideas.

Overworking Suggests That You Are Not Working Smart

Working hard is actually in the very 1980s. The key to success is making smart decisions about your livelihood and tasks to increase your profile. If you waste all of your waking hours in your endeavor, it shows that you are not working smart. Smart work is about knowing what tasks you are competent in and delegating the rest. Smart work is about equipping yourself with imagination and motivation, rather than letting repetitive tasks tire you out. Most importantly, smart work is about self-reflection and optimizing your workflow so that you can benefit from optimal productivity.

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